A Brief History of South Coast Auction

Billy S. Humphries and Les Taylor established South Coast Auction in August 1977. South Coast Auction is a bonded, licensed, D&B-rated, nationally known auction company. Our customer base is local, national, and international.

South Coast Auction conducts weekly general merchandise auctions at our 3-acre, 60,000-square-foot facility at 2202 South Main Street in Santa Ana, California. South Coast Auction also conducts onsite sales regularly.

South Coast Auction purchases and sells general merchandise, home and business furnishings, and equipment on consignment. The company deals in antiques, fine art, jewelry, objets d’art, tools, machinery, and surplus merchandise of every description.

We are hired auctioneers, and many of our customers sell and consign excess inventory through South Coast Auction, stipulating minimal notoriety due to false public assumptions about merchandise going to “auction” (e.g., business failure, etc.). These companies include banks, financial institutions, fast food and restaurant chains, furniture manufacturers and retailers, relocation companies, medical firms, electronics manufacturers, machinery vendors, and many more.

If you have furniture questions or would like more specific information about your requirements, be sure to get in touch with us at your convenience.